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Martin Bevan <yachtcaduceus@...>

Photo attached. The davits are, from memory rated at 250kg+. Our dinghy weighs 32kg and the outboard the same so all up no more than 75kg which gives a lot of spare capacity.

Given this, we notice no apopreciable trim variation.

Sorry have no info on the fibreglass arch and I do not have aphotograph. Hopefully someone might contribute.


Martin Bevan

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I saw Caducius exhibited at Southampton last week - very nice!

Can you please send me the davits photo? Is the trim visibly affected by combined weight - davits/tender/ outboard? It would be interesting also to get photo and more info on the fibreglass arch.


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We took delivery of Amel 54 No 56, Caduceus, in May 2007 and are delighted with it.

We took the only davit option currently offered, the SL electric. We like them and they are easy to use. Do note however that they are placed on the outside of the stern and are hence a longer distance apart than on many other 54 footers. We have a Southern Pacific Shearwater 3.2m dinghy that was bought because of its light weight, and it just fits, anything smaller would have been a problem. Anything too much bigger would also be a problem as it would be wider than the stern. The davits are definately overkill for this size of dinghy but they do work well.

The attached photograph may help explain. If it does not arrive due to Yahoo, let me know and I will send it directly to your email.

The main difficulty that we have encountered is that we cannot raise the dinghy fully, for travelling, with the outboard in situ. This would have required a larger dinghy which as I have explained, we did not want.

We have seen other 54's fitted with a white fibreglass arch that supports dinghy davits and provides a platform for solar panels, wind generators etc. These are not either supplied by Amel or approved and have been fitted elsewhere. We cannot help with any further information, perhaps other owners can?

Hope that this helps.


Martin and Elizabeth Bevan

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Subject: [Amel Yacht Owners] davits on 54

Does anyone has experience with the electrical or manual davits on
the new 54 offered by Amel ?
Due to the fact we will get ours delivered beginning next year we're
looking for more info about this practical option.
Think they will be very handsome in overall use but we also have the
opinion that they give this beautiful 54 a bit ugly look.
Will be very thankful for all tips, experiences and suggestions
regarding the 54

Good winds
Laurens & Rineke Vos

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