Re: Maramu mainsail furling issues

Jacob Champness

Thanks Bill.  

I don't think the issue is the breaker, because I hear a clunk when I hit the switch, so I think the solenoid is firing.  That said, I do not know where the breaker is.  Can you tell me that?

I had no idea about slipping the drive motor down.  That makes all the sense in the world!  I'll try it later today when I'm back at the boat.  Thanks!

When you say documentation, are you talking about a manual for the furler?  I haven't found such a thing on the boat so far, no.  I'd love to get my hands on a systems manual for this boat.  Do you know if they ever produced one for the Maramus?

Thanks for the reminder about the signature. 

Jacob Champness
Maramu 202 - Lark
St. Martin

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