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James Alton

I think that Bill Rouse is correct that the grooves in the faux teak deck improve the grip of the Faux teak Amel deck along with the moulded in surface roughness.  The grooves probably function a little like the grooves in a tire by allowing any water to flow down a lower level than the surface where you foot is contacting the deck.  Stepping on a surface with water flowing across it is going to be slick..  The edges of the grooves no doubt help provide something for your foot or shoe to press into.  I would like to keep the faux deck appearance on my boat even though it will be a lot more work.  The extra thick gel coat out in 30 years of sun naturally has some cracks in it and those must be removed by taking off the gel coat or by scarfing in and patching the cracks, otherwise they will tend to show through the paint eventually.  As to restoring the lost surface roughness when the faux teak timber is sanded down,  my plan is to use Awlgrip ( over the 545 Awlgrip primer) in a cream colour, thickened with the right amount of colonial silica + pro cure due to the coating thickness.  With some practice, you can find just the right mixture and roller technique to create a textured finish that is the best nonskid when wet that I have come across bar none.  The last boat that I did with the technique was done in 2000 and still looks great.  The colloidal flattens the shine on the paint which cuts glare a lot and the flatness also help with the grip.  The only downside is that the paint will stain more easily since it is more porous due to the additive. I would like to paint the grooves with a darker colour to retain the faux teak look.  By all means avoid the Awlgrip non-skid additives, especially the extra coarse.  The additive is a plastic that the paint does not adhere to well so after a few years the paint chips off the points sticking up and you end up walking on slippery points of plastic!

James Alton
SV,  Sueno, Maramu #220

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Thanks John. I'm wondering if weathering of the faux timber deck on Pegasus is a rare occurrence given the limited response to my question?

I'm interested to hear the glass bead and sugar suggestion from you and Bill but am inclined to think that any form of sanding and painting will affect both the faux timber appearance and grip.

Is it heresy to replace the faux decking with a synthetic product?  Bill Kinney mentioned Treadmaster and I noted they have a product that might serve as a replacement look-alike if I decide to sand off the faux timber ... . Are there any similar products that owners have had experience with? 

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