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The primary issue with the commercial synthetic teak products I am aware of is that they only simulate straight teak boards, not the bent ones that run up the side decks of an Amel. I have been on boats that have used the applied synthetic teak and the look and feel can be very good. If you can find something that works where the "boards" are not straight, it might be a reasonable compromise esthetically, and functionally.

Yes, it IS heresy to put anything on the deck, but... if your existing non-skid is no long workable, there is no good orthodox solution!  Practical Sailor Magazine did a run down a few years ago on non-skid surfaces that you might see if you can access.

The sugar trick works great on paints that cure REALLY hard like a two part polyurethane.  Most other paints are too soft for this to work well because the paint itself is the texture.  Softer paints just don't do well molded into the ridges and valleys.

I do suspect something odd about your deck.  On Harmonie after 21 years, and two circumnavigations, the deck texture shows no obvious signs of wear either on the faux-teak or cabintop. Non-skid performance is still excellent, and appearance (after re-stripping the faux-caulk) is very good.  There are a few places where the brown gelcoat seems to have been applied a bit thin and it has faded or worn to white, Since that has happened with no obvious reduction in texture, I have to assume it just faded a bit.

Bill Kinney
SM160,  Harmonie
Culebra, PR

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Thanks John. I'm wondering if weathering of the faux timber deck on Pegasus is a rare occurrence given the limited response to my question?

I'm interested to hear the glass bead and sugar suggestion from you and Bill but am inclined to think that any form of sanding and painting will affect both the faux timber appearance and grip.

Is it heresy to replace the faux decking with a synthetic product?  Bill Kinney mentioned Treadmaster and I noted they have a product that might serve as a replacement look-alike if I decide to sand off the faux timber ... . Are there any similar products that owners have had experience with? 

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