Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] Re: Maramu mainsail furling issues

Beaute Olivier

Hello Jacob,

the mainsail furler was indeed weak (see my report). If there is too much tension on the outhaul motor, the weak in-mast furler will not move.
You may remember I showed you the way to use it manually. After easing the 4 bolts that hold the motor, drop it by 2cm. Help dropping by using (and shaking) a winch handle on the nozzle located at the front of the mast.
The next step is to open the motor's housing, clean the carbon dust and check the condition of the brushes, and the way they slide into their channel. You may need to replace them.
The gear-box may need some new grease too...

Good luck.


On Monday, April 24, 2017 4:33 PM, "jacob.champness@... [amelyachtowners]" wrote:

Oh I just realized that at some point we started talking about the jib furler, but my issue is actually with the main furler. Sorry for the confusion. My jib furler is fine. The one that's giving me trouble is the main.

Jacob Champness
Maramu #202 - Lark
St. Martin

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