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I can recount many voyages where fuel was a worry. Most, however, were deliveries trying to get from A-B in the shortest time. Most notable was a Palmer 72 with twin 120HP engines plus generator which required a Gale to sail We motored from Cape Verde (fuel stop) to Barbados.

But you and I have an Amel. To answer your question, I don’t like fuel or anything on deck and have stowed fuel in the aft lazerette of my Santorin. I did add 2-35gal aux. tanks in the stern. Both have separate fills and a two way  fuel transfer pump in the engine room. Slick. Out of trim? Yes, for awhile, but beats hustling jerry cans.  I don’t miss the space. Gave many cans away. Bottom line is that I did not need that much fuel. I also have the prop generator. I also found that if you buy several cases of cheap rum in Tortola and stow it in the v-berth it trims out the boat nicely for the trip back to Annapolis.

Ric Gottschalk
SN 24 Bali Hai



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Thanks for your comments Ian. The previous owner mentioned they used very little fuel on their last pacific crossing as the prop-driven alternator kept the batteries topped up.


By comparison our future travel plans will take us to some places where extended motoring is likely or necessary on occasions. I also prefer to keep the deck and lockers clear of jerries.


The question is where do you put the extra fuel without upsetting the trim of the boat or taking up other valuable storage space. I initially thought of sacrificing some of the freshwater storage capacity with a transfer pump to the main tank. I haven't heard yet how other Maramu owners have addressed this issue.



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