Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] Re: Deck restoration question

Grover Cleveland <thegrovitron@...>

Oops I sent my last email before I had a chance to ask my question. In regards to refinishing the deck for traction and visual appeal. Is there a way one can contact the Amel company and find out what products they make/use and how they installed the decking? So an owner can do the same. Versus trying to come up with cleaver fixes. Is it that they don't make the products any more? Or proprietary secret? Or simply just to expensive? 

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I've been looking at some of the synthetic decking products and will probably go down that path if all else fails.

The worst cracking is around the cockpit area and in some areas the faux 'caulking' has also flaked out. Before I do anything drastic I saw that treadmaster have a restoration product that might rejuvenate the faux timber without 'smoothing out' the timber grain finish or compromising grip. I'm going to look into this option further.

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