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Mark Erdos

Mohammad and Aty,


I can’t imagine that Amel would design a boat of this caliber and install a bilge pump not combatable. With all the thought that went into the design of these boats, I have the upmost confidence in the original system installed by the factory. Why change it? The Amel engineers most likely know more than us.


With that said, crap does happen. And, tends to happen at the worst of times. For this reason we carry a portable 24v submersible 3700GPH pump. The pump is wired with a long extension cable and can be connected to the 24 connections in the engine room with the alligator clips or directly to the battery bank in an emergency. It has a 20’ accordion 1 1/2” discharge hose and is capable of pumping water up through an open hatch.


Our back-up solution cost about $400. We keep it stored in the engine room in a canvas bag.



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Hello Every one;


I've always had a concern about keeping up with pumping out the bilge area water in case of any type of breach in the hull, thru hulls, etc. The current pump capacity would be overwhelmed by even a minor breach. Although the water tight bulkheads will prevent most events that would lead to sinking of other boats, flooding a compartment does lead to significant other damage that may be preventable, given added time to diagnose and correct any breaches.


There are several existing pumping capabilities in the engine room. They are engine raw water cooling, generator raw water cooling, anchor wash, refrigerator and A/C pumps. Some of these, e.g. the main engine raw water cooling, can pump an enormous amount of water at high RPMS. Also the amount of the pumping can be adjusted by adjustments in the main engine throttle setting. 


One option I was looki ng at was to add an inlet to the raw water distribution manifold and use that as a secondary pickup (installed somewhere in the bilge area) with a shutoff valve. When needed, the main raw water thru hull can be closed, this added valve could be opened and any of the other pumps in the engine room could be turned on to add pumping capacity.


I would like to hear if others have put any added pumping capacity and all opinions about my proposed solution.


Thank you


Mohammad and Aty

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