Re: Deck restoration question


There's a picture on the internet I've seen of an old Maramu deck redone with a composite teak look material. It's probably not too hard to find with Google To me it doesn't look right, a bit too sharp. It also is unecessary weight and shows up the other older parts of the vessel in stark contrast.


Treadmaster is great on a cold climate boat where the diamond pattern is good grip for boots. In tropical weather there can be issues unless it is glued expertly and even then can lift at the edges - and the diamond pattern is hard on bare feet. Not sure how effective the smoother pattern is.


I would say it's best to only re-do the deck if it's really necessary, and it's hard to improve on the painted method. Ideally it would keep cream stripes and preferably the colour matched to original but slightly paler, although most painted deck old Amels seem to use an overall cream colour to save time and reduce heat retention.



John Maramu #91, Popeye 

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