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Based on the symptoms you have noticed I agree that bearing replacement is a
good idea. Certainly any sign of water from the grease holes is cause for

I do not allow pressure washing of the prop. I use a combination of a
scraper and brass brush to remove any fouling and residual anti-fouling, then
"polish" the prop with a VERY fine polishing wheel on my cordless (weak) drill. A
bit laborious, but does a nice job.

While in the water I dive about three or four times a season and clean the
prop with the same scraper and brush. So far, no problems. The best indicator
for cleaning is maximum, flat water RPMs. As soon as they start to drop I know
it is diving time.

Initially I did not anti-foul the prop, but left it as delivered in La
Rochelle. However, during an Amel service in Hyeres a few years ago they
recommended applying a two part, spray on Intenational prop anti-fouling product. It
seemed to reduce the fouling, but there are so many variables I can't be sure.
It does increase the prop polishing work a bit. This year I applied a
similar product available and highly recommended here in Spain. Time will tell.

I've also heard of a professionally applied Australian product that produces
a clear, slippery surface that is supposed to be effective. A world cruising
friend from Seattle came through Barcelona last winter and found his prop
clean after two years. However, he had been underway most of the time, so who

All the best,


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