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When I could not get a "cable lube" I used K-Y Jelly.  You can get it or similar product in any drugstore.
It works good but more expensive than "cable lube".

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Hi all,
when we bought Ocean Pearl there was a litre bottle of a product called "cable lube" on board. It is a very slimy slippery product and applying it to cables that need to be drawn though tight spaces or long distances makes a big difference. It is remarkable how easy it makes pulling a cable and doesn't leave a messy residue. As to removing a tangle, I would try to stop pulling before my tangle became a knot, once it becomes a knot its not easy. (pun intended). Reverse the pull and try for a jiggle and shake and back and forth pull before there is a total lock up.
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Is it possible to apply either air or water pressure to the PVC in the opposite direction that caused the jam?  Perhaps with the pressure applied to you can tug on the leader lines and cables one at a time to see if you can find a combination that works.  

   One simple thing that has often helped me with this type of rewiring is to coat the pull lines, wires and tube with talcum powder.  It can greatly reduce the friction and thereby the risk of a jam or damage to a wire.  I don’t think that the talc causes any problems other than being a little messy.

Best of luck,

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what happens when foam plugs & cables & leader lines meet & pool together to block a cable guide duct in the main mast is a thick, tight plug which does not budge neither under pressure or pull.

Happens on my main mast (similar o, mizzen but easier to solve); we have been strugling for the last 3 days & managed a picture & video of the culprit after buying (35 Euros) the much needed chinese made endoscope - (will post pictures next).

Decided on drilling out the plug, attacking the foam plug, to disorganise the loops & blocks stuck into the PVC split duct. Made & 6 meters drill with wooden drill welded one end & a steel eye the other end. Will ease drilling with pressurized water to soften material & circulate dirt .

wish me luck, might find petrol or gas if insisting.

Anyone met a similar condition when replacing cables ?

Any other solution to displace a plug Inside a duct without getting stuck on rivets heads or joint in pipes ?

I am all ears.

Note : Mast is Hz on ground (changing rigging)

fair winds

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