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Giovanni TESTA

Hi Gary,
yes please send me more detailed photos. $ 100 shipping is too much !
Still problem with your mail box service provider.

About antifouling for prop blades I use and I 'm very happy now

First you have to remove residual antifouling.
From now NEVER touch the blades without gloves !
Scratch the blades, only, with a very rough send -paper ( n 80/100) . Don't worry about it ;-)).
Brush away the dust.
Now, 1 hand coat METAL PRIMER and than 1 VELOX PLUS on dry. Than second coat VELOX PLUS after 24 h.
That's all, but it is an other life !
I live in VENEZIA and the Marlin is near TRIESTE, about 1 and 1/2 hour by car, but, for the first time, I knew about this very special antifouling from an australian sailor ! The world is so little !
I used it in the MED for two season (6 monthes sailing and 6 wintering in marina ) and the blades were ok. Some times I check in the water.
I paint only the blades( these are the most important part for the propulsion), and not where they turn.So the problem is for the other surfaces of the prop system I prefer unpainted and I grease a lot . It helps but after 3,4 monthes it's better to take a diving.
Thanks for your support and to the next,
buon vento

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