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James Alton


   Thank you for your response and suggestions.  My Genoa furler seems to be working very well.  It runs smooth with no unusual noise and had no problem furling a 150 Genoa  in 40 knots of wind last season.  The mainsail furler also seems to work well and I have so far not tripped the breaker.  The gearboxes appear to have some external corrosion, but it does not look too serious.  I do not think that the gearboxes have been serviced in a very long time.   I was thinking of adding grease fittings to the gearboxes this season and filling them with the Variprop Lithium grease unless you think this would not be a good idea.  I don’t think that my boat was used as much as some other Amels, with  3,400 hours on the original engine.  I will take your suggestion and service the electric motor this season.  I have many other projects to do on the boat such as replacing the rigging  (I am using ACMO)  so I might not have time to open the gearboxes this season.  If you feel that it is important do so right away, I will make the time.

Again thank you.  I still hope to arrange to have you inspect Sueno before the boat leaves Europe, we will be in touch.


James Alton
SV Sueno,  Maramu #220

On Apr 28, 2017, at 3:37 AM, Beaute Olivier atlanticyachtsurvey@... [amelyachtowners] <amelyachtowners@...> wrote:

Hello James,

the genoa furler that has been installed for 16 years on the Santorin/SM is not available anymore. Jacob is lucky to have one on his Maramu!!
Does your genoa furler show problems? With a careful maintenance, it should last many more years.

What you have on your Maramu #220 as a main-sail furler is probably very close to the mainsail furler system of a Santorin, or to what Jacob has got on MA # 202 (see his pictures), except that the winch handle's nozzle for manual furling is probably at the front of the mast (not aft). If so, you should just try and maintain the system as it is, replacing the bronze gears and bearings of the gaer box when needed, and servicing the motors.

Bon courage.


On Thursday, April 27, 2017 2:51 PM, "James Alton lokiyawl2@... [amelyachtowners]" <amelyachtowners@...> wrote:


   My Maramu is hull #220. Is it possible to upgrade the Amel furling systems on my boat to those that were used on the Santorin/Super Maramu?

Thank you,

James Alton
1987 Maramu #220

On Apr 27, 2017, at 7:47 AM, Beaute Olivier atlanticyachtsurvey@... [amelyachtowners] <amelyachtowners@...> wrote:

Hello Jacob,

the compressed material part is indeed original. The material is (was) called CELORON. In fact it should not have been drilled, which probably caused it to break.
I see no objection to replace it with aluminum as this is not designed to be a "weak" part (like a fuse).
However, be careful when you furl the sail in. Don't put too much load on the system: ease the sheet a lot a furl the sail when the wind is in front of the vessel or up to 30° on the side.
Make sure the pin is not locked in the manual furler's nozzle.
Tripping the breaker too often will finally lead to wear and tear the worm gear system of the gear-box, and wear on the carbon brushes of the motor.

The furlers you have on the Maramu should be used with care and always with eased sheets.



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Got it sorted, mostly.  

It turned out that as you all said, it was the breakers.  They're located in the companionway on this boat.  And now I know what "mat" and "bome" mean!  Thanks, Eric and Olivier, for helping me understand why I would hear a solenoid even when the breakers were off.

Now here's a puzzle: When I disengaged the furling motor to manually furl in the last little bit of the main the other day, I found a weird little broken piece of some kind of pressed material taking the torque from the furling motor to the furling unit (photo attached).  This must not be original equipment, right?  Could I maybe replace it with just a little block of aluminum or something?  

Jacob Champness
Maramu 202 - Lark
St. Martin

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