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I guess that is the big difference:  On a long passage we are quite comfortable waiting for the wind.  We are not on a schedule, and do not consider calm time being "stuck" but just another face of the ocean to enjoy. Having made passages on a boat that had a total fuel capacity of just over 200 liters, I learned early on to love the quiet times :)  When we got Harmonie I wondered why she had such a big fuel tank, and how could people ever need that much on a sailboat.

On passage it is unusual that we motor more than 50 miles out of a thousand.  Of course we do sometimes have a 50 mile day, and the occasional minus 10 mile day. :)  When island hopping or coastal cruising we tend to motor more because there are more timing issues involved. In some ways I think diesel fuel is like the money in the cruising kitty:  You always use all you have.

We generally use about 2-3 liters a day for the generator at anchor, and about 4 liters a day underway.  Filling our main diesel tank is a big event in our cruising year!

There is no right or wrong about the amount of motoring people do.  I am just wondering if I am missing something on my usage calculations when I see so many people here on the forum feeling the need to increase fuel capacity far, far beyond what I felt I needed.

Bill Kinney
SM160, Harmonie
Charlotte Amalie, StT, USVI

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When prepairing for a passage of 3000 nautical miles, where you can be stuck with no wind, you fill up with as much diesel you can. It is not fun to be in the middle of nowhere with no possibilty to run neither of your motors. Even if we have both solar panels and wind gen we have to run the dieselgen on passages since we run more systems when on the move than on anchor.
If we just move around in areas where it is easy to fill up, we never have more than the 600 liters in the main tank.

S/Y Lady Annila, SM 232
Portimao, Portugal.

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