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I need to replace the seals on my two fridge/freezer boxes under the dinette seats. Has anyone found a suitable replacement for these?
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I attempted to find a new magnetic fridge gasket, but found it nearly impossible. Had I sent the model number and serial number of the Frigoboat fridge to Coastal Climate Control (info"at", they would have queried Frigoboat in Italy and possibly they could have ordered it.

Here is what I found that solved my issue and the same thing for a number of other owners...even if you get a new gasket, you will need to follow this procedure:
  1. With the fridge door closed, use a dollar bill to determine the correct seal of the magnetic gasket. If the dollar bill can be moved freely anywhere between the gasket and the cabinet, the gasket is not sealing correctly.
  2. Is the external door lock adjusted correctly and is it in the locked position?
  3. Is the door aligned and adjusted correctly? 
  4. There are 3 bolts on each hinge, locking the hinge in place.
    1. Are they tight?
  5. Is the top of the door and side of the door parallel with the cabinet? This is the hardest thing to get right!
  6. Is the door flat against the cabinet on all sides? i.e. the door being "pulled in" or "pushed out" by either hing?
    1. If the door is not parallel or totally flat on all 4 sides against the door frame:
      1. Loosen all 6 bolts
      2. Press the door evenly so that all 4 sides are against the frame and the top and sides of the door are parallel with the cabinet. HINT: use some blue masking tape on the cabinet where the gasket meets the frame (thanks to Rick Grimes)...this will make parallel visibility easier in determining that the door is in the right position.
  7. Holding the door in position, tighten all 6 bolts. (This will test your patience)
  8. Test again using a dollar bill.
  9. Repeat the process if the dollar bill is loose anywhere between the gasket and the cabinet.
Also, you may want to completely remove the fridge to do this job and use a shop vac to clean the condenser fins, etc. If so, refer to this Photo Album:


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Hello all,

I just joined the group, and was looking for some help with the Frigoboat Fridge.  Has anyone found a replacement door seal for the standard Frigoboat Dood Seal?

Any help would be appreciated!


Ken Powers 

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