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Eric Freedman

WE carry a lot of fuel on kimberlite as some of my crew have work schedules and it is necessary to make an airport on time.

We crossed the Atlantic on just the main tank.

Other times we have had to motor extensively around the Bermuda high.

Heading from Colombia last year to Guadeloupe we used a lot of fuel.


In my last boat there was no wind for 6 days and I motored from Bermuda to New York.


I have always come in with around 600 liters of fuel. But better than 0 liters.

I have only filled the tank on the aft cabin top 2 times in 15 years. And did not need it.

Fair Winds


Kimberlite Amel Super Maramu #376



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A question for those people who carry large amounts of fuel above and beyond the standard tank on the Super Maramu:  Why do you do so?  Do you actually find you use that much, or is it just a comfort level to have a lot of excess?


How much fuel do you actually use on passage?  

How much at anchor? 

What rational do you apply for how much fuel to carry?  


Bill Kinney

SM#160, Harmonie

Charlotte Amalie, StT, USVI

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Wow Eric, that is a lot of fuel! We have the 600L in the main tank and 9 x 23L jerry cans (200L) which fit snugly in the liferaft locker. Those also get emptied first as our main tank uses fuel. We don't fill those unless we are headed on long ocean passages.


We finally completed installing the fuel polishing unit yesterday and also installed a T junction with 2.5m hose to suck fuel out of jerry cans along side. Just used it tonight to fill 500L of fuel from jerry cans.... what a pleasure!. So fast, quiet and not a drop spilt anywhere!


Next week we start heading up the east Australian coast towards Indonesia where we will be for four months. There are so many sorry stories of poor quality fuel there that we will put all fuel through the fuel polishing unit before it goes into our tank.


Colin & Lauren Streeter

Island Pearl II, Amel53 #332




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I have used Nauta bladders on a number of my boats. I feel the one to get is the more expensive one with built in straps and plumbing hardware already attached.

We use only one hose to fill and remove fuel from the tanks,
We pump fuel into a 5 gallon bucket and remove it using a Jabsco vane puppy pump
Fueling is a breeze and transferring fuel is equally easy.


Between the tank and the pump I have mounted a locking ball valve with a hose barb attached.

Then just attach the hose barb to the vane puppy and another hose to go from the pump to the main fuel tank..

 we stop pumping a number of times and reverse the pump , we call it burping the tank.

if you step on the tank vigorously a lot of air will come out into your 5 gallon bucket. we continue the process till we have 55 gallons in the tank. To remove fuel just reverse the process. when the tank is almost empty we hold it up in the air and get the last drops of fuel out of the tank.

when filling the tanks I also add some fuel preservative to the bucket to prevent any growth when the tank is empty.



The tank that is strapped to the cabin top rail is filled the same except gravity empties it.


we also use the vane pump to pump out auxiliary tanks in the life raft locker.


All of this fuel is pumped through the large Racor filter that I mentioned in another post that filters the fuel before it gets into the tank. (Thanks Ian and Judy)

Fair winds


sm 376 Kimberlite




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> Thanks for reminding me about flexible tanks Eric. I put two 50
> gal bladders in the stern of a Jeanneau DS43 I used to own. Only
> ever half filled them due to my concern that surging in a rough
> seaway would cause the fittings to fail.



Colin Streeter

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