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If you have an actuator failure, it coul be a belt failure in the actuator.  Better to carry a spare belt. You can get it from Raymarine.
But a wider belt is available on line. I believe it is made by Gates Power Belts in England.  It is metric belt. You can buy a wider belt and cut it to the required width.

Also it could be motor brushes.
You have to clean actuator inside and install new motor brushes.

I belive you can buy actuator spair parts on Ebay.

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It could be a number of different things and possibly a combination...let me list the possibilities in the order of probability for the error message "DRIVESTOP," AND getting the same message with either drive:
  1. The Raymarine rudder reference device has stopped working and needs to be replaced
  2. The Raymarine rudder reference device has become mechanically challenged...either loose or disconnected.
  3. The S3G has a malfunction
If you only had one drive I would also list #4 as the Raymarine clutch inside your Raymarine drive is no longer working.

Take a moment and you tell me whether your clutches (both the linear and the rotary drive clutches) are getting 12VDC or 24VDC power...also tell me how this is switched from 12 to 24, and how you verified it.

If anyone else is reading this thread, you may also want to check the voltage to your Raymarine drive because even if you have a 24VDC drive, the clutch is 12VDC.


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My Autopilot isn't working.  I get a message labeled "Drive Stopped" on the helm station control panel.  It will not respond to +10 or -10.  

I tried both the galley and rudder mechanics and get the same message so it's probably the "SmartPilot".   I checked the fuses and they all test good.  

Any thoughts?



Wanderer, SM#477

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