Trinquet furling motor grease

Porter McRoberts

A question if you would.

Sailing Martinique to Fort Lauderdale these two weeks. Stopped in Guadeloupe as the trinquet motor pooped out. Took it out and amel Martinique is sending a new one plus belt.

Question one: what kind of grease was that packed in there? I took it out and need to repack.

Q2: the motor had corroded and I found 10 or so cc of h20 on the motor and surrounds. I could not find a seal to replace or one that had failed. How can I mitigate this water situation in the future? Is that the purpose of the grease? In addition to greasing the gears?

Q3: anyone have any tips on re-assembly?

Very appreciated.


S/V IBIS. 54-152. Punta Cana.

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