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Hello Hanspeter. I think you are confusing the Amel 55 with the Amel 54. The Amel 55 hull and deck and rigging was designed by Berret and Racoupeau, a naval architecture  firm located in La Rochelle France. All of the systems engineering and ‘Amel ‘details on the Amel 55 were still the province of the Amel design team within the Amel shipyard in La Rochelle.   The Amel 54 was designed by the Amel Design Group.. Yes Captain Amel was gone when this boat was first launched but the drawings and engineering of the Amel 54 were done largely by Jacque Carteau who was, in fact, the one who did the drawings and engineering on almost all of the Amel boats from the late 1960’s onward. He was Captain Amel’s ‘eyes’ and interpreted Captain Amel’s ideas into the boats we all love. How do I know this? I watched him do the 54 and no external resources were involved in the 54. I have seen the blueprints for other Amel designs with Carteau’s initials and name in the data box on the drawings.


Just to keep things clear and correct.


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Hi Porter

I think you have the Balmar Furling System ? Correct? If so, with you plans , change this system to a Reckman System; ok very costy ,but for the next 20 Years no problems.

Nice and interesting Website, congratulation. One thing only; Henri Amel did not design the Amel 54. The Company Amel with extern architects did it.

Best regards


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A question if you would.

Sailing Martinique to Fort Lauderdale these two weeks. Stopped in Guadeloupe as the trinquet motor pooped out. Took it out and amel Martinique is sending a new one plus belt.

Question one: what kind of grease was that packed in there? I took it out and need to repack.

Q2: the motor had corroded and I found 10 or so cc of h20 on the motor and surrounds. I could not find a seal to replace or one that had failed. How can I mitigate this water situation in the future? Is that the purpose of the grease? In addition to greasing the gears?

Q3: anyone have any tips on re-assembly?

Very appreciated.


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