Plastic stay protectors.

eric freedman

HI Alan,

I tried to find the plastic covers for the rigging wire in the Plastimo catalog.

I need the large plastics for the cap stays.

Would you please direct me to the page of the plastic protectors?

Fair Winds


Kimberlite Amel Super Maramu #376



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I think this is a common problem...

i have taken off all the white plastic on the rigging except where sheets rub against the shrouds, and then I have replaced the original stuff with a size larger, so it turns as the sheet  moves past it...Plastimo have a lot of different sizes available.

As for the corrosion at the swage ends, i have two is INOX which the previous owner swore by and left on board, and the other is a NZ product called GRUNT.

They both work in a similar fashion. Paint it on, leave for about 15 minutes and then hose off with fresh water.

Result : rusty marks all gone

Grunt works well on gel coat too...for rusty marks..e.g. on deck at the bow where the anchor chain comes up.



Elyse SM437

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