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I replaced the impeller assembly on the ac pump. it was a simple job. that
is what usually needs replacement as ling as the motor is turning.

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Subject: [Amel Yacht Owners] Air Conditioning Water Pump

On SM #230, 1998,I recently had the air-conditioning system checked
out, and there were concerns about the ac water pump leaking. Has
anyone either rebuilt or replaced the AC water pump. What is the
expected life of the Clima AC components, if they are used regularly
in the tropics. Finally, I understand from reading other messages
that some have put a 4th AC unit in the galley area. Exactly where
was this unit placed. I also understand that some have replaced the
saloon AC unit with a 16,000 btu unit. Did this larger unit
effectively cool the galley area also (assuming a second duct was also
installed with this unit.

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