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How ever you solve it. The most important is that you use a LOT of water to rinse the salt crystals away. They make terrible scratches on the windows.

We have a window cleaner with sponge and rubber, on a long stick. But the most effective way is to send someone out with a bucket, sponge and sore skin to wipe it clean.


/Ann-Sofie, S/Y Lady Annila, SM 232, 1998



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Harmonie is the first boat I have sailed where the primary view from the helm forward is in under the dodger and through the windows.  I do love the arrangement.  The canvas part of our dodger easily folds down in 5 seconds, instantly transforming the cockpit's "look and feel". It comes down on a quiet night sail to enjoy the stars, or when we are in a close quarters situation so I can stand and see all round.  But sometimes....


I am sure everyone here recognizes this scenario:  A beautiful sailing day, on a close reach or beat. It is sunny and warm.  Every few minutes a light spray is thrown up by the bow.  The only problem is whatever water hits the windscreen evaporates in a few seconds, leaving salt behind.  Within a half hour, you can't see ANYTHING.


Anybody have a favorite technique for reducing the problem short of sending crew out on deck hosing down with fresh water every 15 minutes?  We have had some very limited success with the Rain-X formulation specifically for plastic helping the water to run off, but not great.  


Bill Kinney

SM#160, Harmonie

Greater St James Is, USVI.


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