Fixing/replacing copper on holding tank


Let me begin with a thank you to Kent, Bill K., Dan & Lori, Colin, John C., and Jean -Piere for their thoughtful responses to my previous question about Dinghy choices.  I must admit I am not sure how best to thank individuals for their input as it would seem to greatly increase the number of posts that we all get if I do it one at a time through the group conversation, though at the same time I don't want it to seem I am ungrateful for their time and input, for truly I am grateful.

As for the Copper stub at the bottom of the holding tank...

Searching for the source of head related fluids beneath the aft cabin head, I discovered that I have a pea sized hole at the back of the copper stub where the copper grounding wire was clamped and also that the stainless hose clamp on the white flex tubing had been eaten through and only appeared to be doing its job from the front.  The wall of the copper stub is so thin that I can make it deflect with only slight pressure, though given that the back side has a piece missing, that hardly seems a concern any longer.  So my question is, what do I do about it?  How do I replace the copper tubing that appears to be firmly glassed in place?  What should I replace it with?, and how do I better bond the copper grounding wire?

Thanks in advance for the time and thought that you all put into the group.

All the best,

Steve Morrison

SM #380 TouRai

Brunswick, GA

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