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Hi Bill,

There is yet another solution......As I have written on this site in the past, having owned a Sharki , then a Maramu, both of which allowed me ( at 6 ft) to stand upright under their dodgers, we nearly didn't buy an SM because I couldn't come to terms with not being able to see forward from the helm except by getting a crick in my neck--to say nothing of not being able to see the mainsail properly.

  Having bought one and sailed for a number of years we took the plunge and lengthened the stainless supports by 10cm ( aft one), 10 cm ( middle) and 15cm ( forward ). We built a new Subrella top with a full width opening vinyl window.  W o n d e r f u l....... I can now stand up under it, I can  see forward without cricking my neck, I can see my sails, I can sit on the aft cabin roof and see forward, in close quarters I open the vinyl window and stand with my head free.

 When we pack up the boat we take the Subrella off and the three stainless pieces still fold into the groove on the hard dodger.

 Nothing has improved our enjoyment of Pen Azen quite as much.

 Oh, and when the perspex gets all salty we just open the zipper on the vinyl window a tad and spray down with the cockpit hose without having to change our slippers to go on deck!

 Do think about it. I have never understood why Amel didn't do this from the off...except that the wonderful Capt Amel was only a short   guy ( and very stubborn ! )

Ian and Judy, Pen Azen, SM 302, Frejus, France

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And fine words they are....

It of course it is not completely logical to be concerned about using water that would take about 90 seconds of watermaker time to replace.   I guess I will have to have something else to be illogical about!

Bill Kinney
SM160 Harmonie
Great St James Is, USVI

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