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It is very good to hear from you. Sometimes you can buy it in a 20 liter pale for less than four of the 5 liter cans. Two coats will take more than 16 liters and you can easily do a third coat on the waterline, keel and rudder with 20 liters. 

Don't forget to get some paint inside the saltwater intake. Also this is a perfect time to squirt some grease in the WC Holding tank valves...the valve is about 125-150mm inside the exit hole. A grease gun with a 200mm hose works fine. Squirt some grease in then go inside and open and close the valve 10 times, then repeat. 


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Hi everybody,

I have to do the antifouling on my Supermaramu with International Micron 66.
Does anybody know how much antifouling I need for two coats.

Thanks in advance

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