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Hi Eric:

As I recall it was the largest of the 4 capacitors that wnet up in smoke
on each unit. The fact that all three did it suggest to me that they
were either from a faulty production lot or undersized.

The originals were 470 volt, 40 microferrad, plastic encased capacitors.
As I recall I replaced them with 600 volt 40 microfarrad capacitors and
they were metal encased. Un-fortunately they are larger in size and do
not fit in the the climma enclosure and had to be strapped to the outside
of that enclosure. I got my capacitors from a local motor overhaul shop
that had a large stock of motor start capacitors.

Hope that helps.


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do you have the specifications or make and model number of the capacitors?

I had the same problem and would like to have a spare other than from



Amel Super Maramu #376 Kimberlite

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