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Stephen Davis

Thanks for the info. We actually have a bit different setup on SM72 than the SM2000 with regards to the sensors on the bow thruster, but I'll take another look at it just in case. 

Aloha SM72

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Hi Steve and Liz,
on our SM 299 there are position sensors on the bow thruster. These are positioned so when the thruster is fully down it will go. If these are slightly out of position you can get intermittent refusal to go. We had this and it took some time for me to work out what was wrong. In our case if I raised and relowered the thruster it would usually start. We had only recently bought the boat (8 years ago) so we were still in the discovery stage. Re positioning the sensors solved the issue.
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When we left our slip in Sint Maarten a few days ago, when I used the bow thruster to port, it intermittently would not respond. If I continued to toggle the joystick back to center and the to port, it would usually start ion my 4th of 5th attempt. Once the thruster started, it would work normally until I re-centered the joystick. On the next attempt to port, it would sometimes work on the first try, or it could take several attempts again. Bow thrusting to starboard works normally every time.

I suspect the problem is just in the switch below the toggle, as it appears to be original to my 1992 SM. Has anyone else had these same symptoms, and if so, how did you repair it? Also, is there something else I should be looking for that might be causing the problem?

All thoughts and ideas are welcome.


Steve and Liz Davis
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