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Hallo Ric,
can you please tell me where do you take the salt water ? On my Santorin the foot pump under the sink telescope water from the main tank. I'd like to use it for salt water, but I can't find the way to realize it. Did you make a new "hole" in the hull? Thanks!

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The foot pump under the sink in my Santorin is for seawater. We wash dishes  in seawater and rinse with fresh. Suggest you taste it.

Cheers,y Santorin

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We always found water under the floor of the saloon below the ladder and under the sink, and today I discovered the mistery.
When I fill the main tank up to 800 liters, the overflow is at left side of the sink, but below the sink there is a secondary hose coupled with a pedal pump useful in case of failure of the electrical pumps located in the engine room. That hose has a level about 60cm below the tank inlet, even if hanging just below the sink, so the real overflow is that, before than the one at the sink, and the overflow floods the upper bilge, I.e. The area below the floors of the saloon.
Solution: sugar plug on the emergency hose.
Hope this helps in case of my same problem
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