[Amel Yacht Owners] Re: Air Conditioning Water Pump

amelliahona <no_reply@...>

Hi Eric:

I'm sorry, the capacitors that failed on my three Climma AC units were
in the electronic control box attached or near each unit. They are
the start capacitors for the compressor motors not for the water
pump. Each control box contains 4 capacitors, as I recall. One large
one and three smaller ones, all of the electrolytic (can) type. The failed
one, in each instance, was the largest of the four and had only
two leads. A capacitor with three leads? I am not sure what that
would be, perhaps an extra grounding wire???


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My calpeda pump had one capacitor in it with I believe 3 leads. that
confused me so I got the capacitor from calpeda here in the usa.

Could you look next time you are down and see how you wired the two



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