Re: Rub Rail on the SM

Craig Briggs

Agree totally about marina crew. They are a rub-rail's worst enemy and usually have little sense about boat handling. It's impossible to tell them not to snub the dock line on the cleat while the boat is moving, so we try never to hand over a line until the boat is stopped where we want it, although that is often met with shouting and wild gesticulations which we largely ignore.
Cheers, Craig SN68

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I'm thinking about putting a metal or rubber extrusion on the center part of the rub rail to keep the red part off of dock pilings.

Has anyone looked at this and what product did you use?

It seems like even with a perfect docking maneuver the marina crew insists on dragging us tight to the piling before we can position a fender.  I have fenderboards that take two or three fenders but they are tough to pre-position.  I'm thinking of rigging the fenderboards so there is a board keyed on top of the liferail so you only have to move the one thing (instead of two lines for the fenderboard and three fenders).


Wanderer, SM#477

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