Santorin - propeller generator - Hutchinson belt to be changed

Attilio Siviero <attilio.siviero@...>

Dear Craig,

Before to leave Didim last week, I noticed that the belt coupling the propeller shaft to the secondary generator, useful to have some power when sailing at 4kts or more and with the gear in neutral, was heavily damaged and close to failure. Since there was a spare one already positioned close to the propeller block, I changed the belt and now the system works properly.

Obviously now I do not have a spare belt, therefore the question is: to install a new belt, to keep as spare close to the propeller block, should I disconnect the junction, rise the entire engine, and place the new belt? Or, the belt can be assembled locally?

Thanks for a light

Amel Santorin #84 "Sisila" now in Lavrion, Olympic Marina

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