Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] Amel Transmission

Rob Brennan <brennan@...>


I too had the alarming milkshake. 30 hours of engine use and 28 days later
I replaced the seals and all has been well since.

Most recently, one seal started leaking oil out but the water seal held
until replacement.



Rob Brennan

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Thanks, Vito,

I'll welcome this calming note and I actually look
forward to do it. Robin Cotter suggested the same.
Richard Piller gave the worst case scenario. I'll find
out in December and let you know. I hope all is well
on Wanderer.

Michael Grunstein sm2000 #345

--- asm283 <no_reply@... <> >

Hi MIke

How are you.

Dont worry too much about the milk shake in your U
drive. I had that
happen in my first Amel. Just replace the seals and
all will be well.
Make sure that once you drain the oil that you put
some deisel trough
to get rid of any bad mixture. Amel tells a story
that they had a
boat cross the Atlantic with the same situation. The
U drive is verry

Vito Ciaravino


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Hi Mike,

I had a plastic bag around my prop and the
vibration messed up
the seals enough to let sea water in. Seals are
easy enough to
obtain from any reasonable engineering supplier if
you can't wait for
AMEL to send them to you, but go for the best
quality. Do note the
way round the seals are when you take the old ones
off! I go with
Richard - don't run it very much with water in the
oil. The sooner
you check and replace the better.

Robin Cooter,
Santorin 004 Belouga

Richard Piller <richard03801@...> wrote:
Hi Mike. I would suggest that you also
think about
all new bearings along with your seals. Salt water
has done them NO GOOD....

I would also take a very close look at the
transmission case. If you hit that hard and got
in the gear box the chances are that the case has
cracked or is at least damaged... Seals normally
from wear not a prop hit.

In any case when you are having the transmission
servcied I'd also check the alignment with hte
and the prop drive to be sure they are aligned
properly. (less then .005" out of alignment when
check with a dial indicator)

And second I would not let run the boat to far
oil and water as at some point it will fail big

Good luck and fair winds...
Richard SM 209

--- michael grunstein <mgrunstein2002@...>

Hello Group,
Here is a question for you. has anyone
oil in the transmission (15W40) appearing like
milkshake? most probably caused by sea water
into it. While motoring near Langkawi the prop
hit a
heavy log. Prior to it, the oil looked clear.
will be hauled out in Rebak, Langkawi in
new seals on the shaft will be installed. I will
try to check the shaft for possible bending.
Can you comment on this or point to other
Also, the seals and brass sleeve were replaced
year earlier.

Thank you all, Michael Grunstein SM2000 #345

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