Re: Santorin - propeller generator - Hutchinson belt to be changed

Craig Briggs

Actually, you do have to remove the engine bolts and move the engine back two - three inches so you can open the coupling. Just loosening the bolts does not allow the engine to slide at all. Then, sliding the engine back is much easier to do if your un-weight the engine using a line between the two cockpit winches through the engine lift tabs. You don't actually lift the engine, just un-weight it so you can easily slide it back to open the coupling then slide it back in place. 
Cheers, Craig SN68 Sangaris

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We had a belt replaced in Martinique during some Hurth gearbox work. Yes, you need to separate the Vetus shaft coupling. You do not need to lift the engine. The AMEL mechanic just moved the engine back a little by slackening the engine bolts. It didn't alter the engine alignment.
If your replacement belt is good then you could easily leave putting a spare on until you need to change the Vetus coupling joints. They should last a few years.

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