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Dean Gillies


There is no carpet in the passageway, it is a single board of teak/holly laminate flooring.


The creaking happens when walking on the floor board. The board is slightly warped and moves (almost invisibly) as you walk on it, rubbing against the wall panel on the side of the battery compartment. I guess I’m interested in possible reasons for the floor board to warp and lose its fixing to the sub-floor. I can’t see any obvious way to look underneath this floor board. (Maybe there be a Hawaiian shirt hiding under there J)





ps Having some comms issues. After trying 3 times unsuccessfully to "reply" using the group web interface, I’ve now tried to reply directly to Bill R’s email.  I’ll apologise now if the dam wall breaks and all my replies arrive later!



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Did you lift the carpet and inspect under the carpet? Was the sound apparent when you walked through the passageway, or was this when sailing the boat?


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Hi all,
We are the future owners of an Amel 54, we just don't yet know which one !

We have recently inspected a 54 which has a distinct creak coming from the floor plate in front of the battery compartment. We have not found creaky floors in any of the other 54's we've inspected.

Is this unusual? More importantly, could it be symptomatic of some underlying issue? Historical leaks from battery compartment maybe?

Many thanks





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