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Kristy made the 700? mile trip from Lake Texoma to Galveston without a hitch.  Wires for mainsail furling/outhaul were disconnected from motors and brought below.

The dodger had to be removed because of height issues.
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I would seriously reconsider this plan. A previous boat of ours was shipped and was never the same afterward. The boat was tight, quiet under sail and never creaked. We transported it 1500 miles on an air cushioned trailer hauled by a semi truck. The boat was never the same. It creaked every time it moved and port holes leaked. It took us years to undo the damage done because of the road trip. I will never do this to another boat again. Just my two cents.



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We are planning to truck our Maramu to Washington State. 

Has anyone had experience decommissioning an Amel for truck hauling?

Particularly, what is the best method to un-wire the mainsail furlling motor and outhaul motor and remove the wires?

Is it best to disconnect the wires from the solenoids in the forward head and pull them up and out of the boat and mast, or is it best to disconnect the wires from the motors and pull them down and out of the mast?

Any other decommissioning suggestions and tips would be appreciated.

Curt Epperson
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