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Dean Gillies


Thanks for the input. Much appreciated.


Bill K,

I agree it is very interesting that such a minor creak in an Amel causes such consternation.  We also looked at Discovery and Oyster yachts in the 55 foot range which exhibited plenty of creaking floor plates. It was just considered normal. I guess that’s why we’re shopping for an Amel.


Bill R,

Joel has already provided us with assistance on other queries, but we are buying in Europe so it’s not really his territory. Unless of course it’s an American yacht selling in Europe, and we have not seen any of those for sale.





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You are correct. The wood flooring extends from the solon down the passageway to the aft berth. Some of us, me included, were thinking about the Super Maramu with carpet in the passageway.


I do not know how that faux teak is applied in the passage way and if there is no obvious application, I would bet that it is attached with adhesive. 


If you consider this boat, I would certainly have the surveyor look closely in this area to determine why you have squeaking. One possibility, and if I am correct about the adhesive, maybe this area of the boat became wet. I would have the surveyor look closely there to eliminate that theoretical possibility. And, of course, more 54 owners may respond with better information. I have sailed a 54, but have not been aboard for long periods.


I hope this helps you and good luck on your search. Have you worked with Joel Potter in your search? He knows more about Amels that anyone in the Americas, and has sold more Amels than anyone. He usually has a few of the best pre-owned Amels available for resale.




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There is no carpet in the passageway, it is a single board of teak/holly laminate flooring.


The creaking happens when walking on the floor board. The board is slightly warped and moves (almost invisibly) as you walk on it, rubbing against the wall panel on the side of the battery compartment. 





ps this is the third time I've tried to "reply" using the group web interface. My replies just seem to disappear into the ether. 







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