Re: shipping across U.S. by truck, east to west


Hi Curt,

We trucked Libertad (Maramu #121) from New Orleans to San Diego.  I'm pretty sure the boat was loaded correctly relative to keeping the load on the keel -all the hatches close tight and we don't creak -much.  Yes, we did have to remove the dodger -they merely reversed it into the cockpit and secured it.  Our problem was that I had to leave the boatyard before the final preparations were completed.  I left a full roll of bubble wrap to be used on the masts but apparently they didn't think it was necessary.  When the boat arrived in SD, the sail track on the mizzen mast was crushed.  It wasn't discovered until the trucker was paid and gone -my bad.

My recommendation is to be there during the entire loading and unloading process and make them do it the way you want it done.  Take the time to inspect the parts of the boat that may have been in contact with the trailer.  Don't pay the trucker until you are satisfied all is well.

Dennis Johns
Currently in Grand Cayman

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