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Dan Carlson

The question is simple Hanspeter,  Bill and Judy lived aboard BeBe full time for 12 years. The two seasons that they were in Trinidad they were in the water and were on the boat the majority of the time.  I am looking for perspectives and checklists from Amel owners that regularly haul their boats for hurricane season. That is not an experience that Bill and Judy regularly lived.  

Thank you for tip on your use of an air conditioner.  I do have a dehumidifier and do plan to use that. And I also plan to use Peakes secure storage area.

Any perspectices from other owners would also be appreciated. 

Thanks and regards, Dan Carlson 

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Hi Dan Carlson
I and other Amel owners do not understand your question. You are the new owner of BeBe ,earlier boat from Bill the Admiral?
My two cent words. Ask him. He knows ewerything about your boat and he knows Trinidad as well as I remember.
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During summer time it will be humide and wet. When i was there for 3 month during huricane saison, I put on the outside of the hutch in the saloon a aircoold ac, which was checked 3 times per week by a local person. Also my boat was coverd with a with plasitic cover, seald by heat, and the boat was by Peak in a special saved yard. Saved by Rottwiler dog's in the night.
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Hi all,   We will be hauling our SM out at the end of the month for 5 months of storage in Trinidad.  

We would love to see checklists and hear tips from others who have a good annual routine. 

Some key questions for me are:
- temp and humidity control 
- UV protection 
- pest control
- dinghy storage
- storage of sails and other canvas items

Thanks for any experiences you can share.

Best regards, Dan Carlson 
sv BeBe, SM 387

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