Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] Re: rigg of santorin when should it be changed?

John Clark

Hi Bob,
   I just had rig replaced in Le Marin, Martinique by Caraibe, the vendor used by Amel.  All ACMO materials. The cost incuding installation was about $10,000 USD.  Wrkers were quick and efficient.

Gaetan is the fellow to ask for. This is his email:  gaetan@...

     Regards,  John

Vent de Soleil SM 37
Great Bay, Sint Maarten

On May 12, 2017 12:22 PM, "tuwhiti@... [amelyachtowners]" <> wrote:

Hi Paul,

I am tying to find the contact for an ACMO SM 2000 rigging quote. I thought I saw the contact email in this (or other) thread but alas cannot find it now. I sent a generic e-mail request to ACMO via their website but fear it may be lost in the works now for about a week.

Do you or anyone else have a recent contact for requesting a standing rig quote for our SM 2000 (2002 H#362).
Thanks so much,
Bob Ross
SM #362 S/V Nomad

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