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Hi Eric on "Kimberlite",

You asked me a while back about my main preventers. I've posted some photos on my photo folder "Moon Dog". I don't use the Amel-provided vang with jam cleat, I use two vangs without the built-in jam cleat and use a rope clutch to secure them each in the cockpit. I just attach one end of the vang to the eye under the middle of the boom and then the other end to the cleat on the salon roof top (the one usually used for the pole foreguy). The lines to tighten or loosen the vangs run through a hole in the front of the hard dodger, through a rope clutch inside the dodger on the dashboard. I have one on each side and now I never have to leave the cockpit to trim a preventer. I've also got two pad-eyes in the deck, through bolted, mounted in the wiring access compartments in forward head and the forward hanging locker. This lead isn't as good as the roof top cleats but they've worked well to prevent a gybe in pretty bad conditions. So either place works to secure them.

I've also posted photos of the very simple system I use to hold the companionway door up. It is a flat brass sliding bar that just slides onto a small L bracket. It only takes a second to put in place. I used to have a barrel bolt there but it was always a hassle to line up the bolt with the hole, so this is much easier.

All's well with us, we are moving slowly south with the springtime and warming weather. We are in Caldera now, a small town of 12,000 people, the local people are very friendly...we were out til 2 last night at the "Hermandad de la Costa" Friday night men's club, abalone for dinner followed by lots of red wine and singing of Chilean folk songs !

Best regards,
John Martin
SM 248 "Moon Dog"
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