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My last one
way you put your boat to Trinidad if you hear all the problems. Why not take it a littel bit easy. It's no problem you hear around, Trinidad Peak, Power Boat are good places for the huricane saison. Do not believe all the negative stuff you hear. Make your on experience

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Hi Dan,


we habe been on the hard in Trinidad at Peakes last summer.  What I think is worth to mention:


  • Trindidad ist hot and humid in summer, but not as humid as I feared.  We had no AC or dehumidifier, closed the boat complete, covered some ventilation holes and did not ask anyone to vent it. We did not had any mold (a lot of other boats had!).  
  • We did not leave any food on the boat
  • We put all our cloths in large black plastic bags, but them in the hot sund until they were really hot, sucked the air out and closed them.  All the clothes stayed „fresh“.
  • We gave the sails to the Ullman Sails sail maker for check and storage. Was good.
  • We put enough grease onto the posts to make sure that no ants go on the boat, also on the tie downs. We had no ants, many other boats had.
  • We covered the cockpit with a silver cover (from the peakes shop, the silver is much better than the blue one) for UV protection
  • Put everything away from the boat that shall not get dirty
  • We have a stainless chain that we cleaned with phosporic acid and stored it in trhe chain locker. If it would be a galvanized chain I would leave it outside
  • We put some roach-traps in the boat but had no roaches in, some boats had
  • Filled the diesel  tank full with diesel and put additive in it
  • And did all the standard stuff for winterizing (engine etc.)
  • And: Ask Sue what she recommends to avoid „insects“ enter the boat at the save storage


All the best, herbert




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