Re: Copper coat

Ian Park

Our boat had coppercoat of an unknown age, with some patches.
We had the the hull stripped back in Trinidad and reapplied Coppercoat ourselves. The yard tried to persuade us to apply two coats of epoxy to the hull first. Coppercoat told us to apply straight on to the clean hull since it is an epoxy coating in itself . We did this.
If you do it yourself a team of 4-6 people could do the job in a day with one person continually supplying the mixed epoxy. Linda and I on our own took 3 days - but that was in the heat in Trinidad!
You do need to thin the Coppercoat with rubbing alcohol to roller it on. The total cost was around£1300.00, but we had imported the Coppercoat from UK and avoided VAT. Of course the smaller hull needed less.
Did you have a breakdown of the costs?


Ocean Hobo SN96

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