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It will take time for the TDS of the tank to decrease. Also dock water can also have high TDS. 

I will try to get you a photo of where to open the product water line to test TDS, but it is the blue plastic line with the Dessalator in-line test probe that has two wires attached. Follow it down toward the bulkhead where it is attached to a copper line which drains into the tank. 

Some owners have placed a three-way valve at this point which will allow for testing and/or dumping poor quality into the gray water tank. You will find that the product water is initially higher TDS, dropping to a good reading in a few minutes. 

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Thanks for the reply.  

It makes sense that it's either a seal or a membrane.  The easiest thing would be to just replace all the O-rings and see if that takes care of the problem.  "Easy" is a relative term since it's a real bear to remount the unit, it would help if I had three arms!


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