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We have used Coppercoat for the last 5 years. It works as advertised. We obtained our supplies from Jim Edwards in Florida (321-514-9197) who is the USA representative. It takes 14 units to do a SM. At Jim's latest cost per unit  $130  it would cost approx $1,820. We got it for $90 per unit as a boat show special. No sales tax charged as we were shipping it out of state (Florida). Shipping costs unknown. We had to re-apply this year as the boatyard that applied did not do a good job in New England. They said they had applied it before but upon seeing them apply it it was evident that they were newbies.

Jim recommended putting on a barrier coat first which we did as we had all the old under coat removed. We did this at a cost of $3,000 plus 3 gallons of undercoat costing $600.

We applied the second coating in St. Martin with a team of 6 over 2 days. NO cost except for lots of beer and lunches. Considering the haul-out cost plus the cost of the paints and supplies the cost of $12,000 sounds high unless they are stripping the boat down.

Cost of Coppercoat                                           $1,820

Epoxy paint                                                              600

Haul-out                                                                1,500

Misc supplies (Brushes, trays etc)                        200

Stripping old under coat off (not Required)    3,000


Paul & Susan LaFrance

Former owners of SV NOMAD SM#362

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We have decided to apply Copper Coat on our Amel SM,. We are on our way to Chesapeake Bay, and have got one cost estimate from a yard there. The estimate is 12000 USD. Rather expansive, have anyone of you out here applied Copper coat? Is our indicated price resonable?
Any one have any suggestion of a good place to have it applied in The Chesapeak Bay area
Paul on S/Y Kerpa SM#259

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