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You might want to look at this photo. 

The answer about coppercoat effectiveness depends on many factors. One factor is the location and environment. Another is the required maintenance of coppercoat. I know many people who would judge coppercoat as a failure because it requires cleaning and scraping. If you want antifouling to do its job without your help and your location is prone to fouling, you probably don't​ want coppercoat. 

The owner of the cat in the above comparison photo did not like his new coppercoat bottom. That is BeBe, SM387 in the photo comparison. Both boats had antifouling applied in about the same place and the same time and both had about the same sea miles. 

The people I know that like coppercoat would be satisfied with the performance in the photo and would have already scraped the hull once or twice. 

I believe the biggest variables in whether Coppercoat will perform well is you and your expectations. 


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   What is your opinion of the effectiveness of Copper Coat in Tropical waters?  

    My understanding is that the epoxy used in the Copper Coat system is water based (cleanup of tools etc, is simply done with plain water) and designed to slowly dissolve to expose more copper over time. So while the epoxy coating has some barrier coating qualities it is not really a barrier coat per se in case your boat needs this,  hence my reference to the possible need of an epoxy coating for a barrier coat rather than it being needed as a primer.  I agree with the need for the alcohol thinner,  especially with warm temperatures which make the pot life pretty short.

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Our boat had coppercoat of an unknown age, with some patches.
We had the the hull stripped back in Trinidad and reapplied Coppercoat ourselves. The yard tried to persuade us to apply two coats of epoxy to the hull first. Coppercoat told us to apply straight on to the clean hull since it is an epoxy coating in itself . We did this. 
If you do it yourself a team of 4-6 people could do the job in a day with one person continually supplying the mixed epoxy. Linda and I on our own took 3 days - but that was in the heat in Trinidad!
You do need to thin the Coppercoat with rubbing alcohol to roller it on. The total cost was around£1300.00, but we had imported the Coppercoat from UK and avoided VAT. Of course the smaller hull needed less. 
Did you have a breakdown of the costs?


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