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Ben and Gayle Super Maramu #347

It is the bottom connection that leaks; the glass is not broken.  I will  check with Dessalator to see if valve is included with glass. 

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Ben & Everyone with a Dessalator water maker,

I'm not sure of this. Is the sight-glass cracked, or is the seal and joint leaking? Or, maybe the pressure valve is leaking. Have you looked at the backside of the system control panel? You can access it through the cockpit lazarette. Remove the piece of plywood on the forward bulkhead inside the lazarette. 

One issue is that the pressure valve has a tendency to corrode. If I remember correctly, the valve is made of two different metals! Check here for a corrosion-caused leak. If I remember correctly, the sight-glass is either mounted on top of this valve, or connected. If this is where your problem is, you may need to order a new pressure valve. It probably comes with the sight glass and might be what Dessalator quoted.

Everyone else reading this, be sure to coat this valve with CorrosionX at least every two years. 

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I have an AC water maker - 160 Ltr unit. The sight tube which shows freshwater flow is leaking from bottom where plastic base connects. Has anyone else had this issue? I contacted Dessalator about replacement glass tube. Price is € 325.00.. ouch! Does anyone have another source for this part?


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La Bella Vita
SM 347
Currently St Martin

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