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Courtney Gorman

Dean the boat is in North Carolina until July then Brunswick Georgia until December then south to the Caribbean 
Thank you for the info

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Here are some other data points for you based on a UK registered Amel 54 sailing in the Med, valued at €550k.

Pantaenius: €3000
Y Yacht: €2400
DeNovo: €2700

As others have mentioned make sure you are satisfied with the particular coverage and exclusions attached to each policy offering.

Where is the boat located Courtney?


Amel 54 #TBD

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Thanks Bill I appreciate the input have a great weekend

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I agree with Alen and I believe that Velos may be the best solution available today for Americans sailing across oceans. Write Velos at Insurance"at" and tell them that you have an Amel 54 which is one model newer than BeBe. They seem to love Amels.


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Hi Colin,

Thank you so much for the information I really appreciate your insight.

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Hi Courtney

This will depend greatly on the area you are cruising in, for example our 2001 Super Maramu 2000 cost us $3000 pa in Australian waters with Panteanius and almost $7000pa with the same company for Asia and Indian Ocean. We just moved to Velos which was about $6000 pa for Asia west and Indian Ocean (based on boat value of $395,000).

Having gone through all the comparisons recently each company varies hugely and you have to read absolutely every line in the fine print, for example Panteanius pays absolutely nothing if your boat is taken by pirates and their excess (or deductables) were 5x the amount of Velos, however they were far superior in covering personal accidents, covered us 100% for single handed sailing and had a number of other benefits plus were a pleasure to deal with.

Good luck with it but take care, there are huge differences and you need to firstly decide what is most appropriate for your needs and sailing plans.

Colin Streeter, SV Island Pearl II
Amel 53 # 332. Brisbane Australia

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Hi all,
I am in the process of getting insurance for an Amel 54 and was wondering what owners were paying for this coverage for a 54.  I read the older posts about pros and cons of different policies and coverages but was looking for a ball park figure.
Thank you for your replies
Courtney Gorman
future s/v Trippin'

Colin Streeter
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