Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] Two questions concerning the Hydra 2000 and the 50 Amp charger

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Later today, I will post the B&G Hydra manual in the Files Section of the Amel Owner's Group website. 

However, you most likely need the replace a part in the 213MHU, which is the B&G mast head unit. I will also post in the Files Section a exploded view of the 213MHU with the part circled and some instructions on how to 

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The wind meter is not working properly (all the time indicating between 30 and 120 degrees from starboard). The manual of the Hydra 2000 is in French and the Amel manual is not indicating where the computer and the contact box is installed. Can anyone help me out?

The other question is about the big battery charger which is not working. Is there a fuse or switch behind the cover? It is a Christec charger.

Willem Kroes

SM2000 #351 Kavanga,
from a very wet, windy and cold Denmark

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