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Thank you all for your replies! I do have a mystery on my hands as there is no hole for the zincs. I am going to have to make a new one then test for continuity. 

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I guess this looks like the rudder holder plate bolts passage on the Maramu
check picture attached - taken when rebuiding the rudder last year.
on the Maramu the anodes are on the rudder, continuity copper wires are running down the outer part of the skeg linked to the rudder bolts by tin weld; goes thru holder plate into the rudder blade to the anodes bolts.
even though different breed, hope this helps.
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I believe that there have been many modifications to that Mango. I seem to remember a late model Mango that had the zincs on the rudder like Santorins, SMs, 54s, 55s, and 64s. I am not sure of the position of early model Mangos. Hopefully a Mango owner can give you a clear answer for hull #60.

The most important issue regarding the zincs and the bonding system is: does the zinc electrically connect with no resistance to the bonded items? Have you checked continuity between the zinc and the engine propellor shaft? What about inside the area of the rudder post/quadrant? Is there evidence of the bonding wire connecting to the rudder post or quadrant? This connection the the rudder post/quadrant is what you should see on the above mentioned models. Unrelated to your direct question, but significant because of the potential modifications on hull #60, is this: Is there a weep hole in the bottom (underneath) of the rudder?


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Hi Amel Owners,

I am trying to track down the location for zincs on my mango. Next to the grounding plate is a threaded hole that had a bolt in it. It goes all the way through. I assumed this was the zinc location but it is very close to the plate. Does anybody have an idea of what this hole is for? If not for zincs, where is the zinc location?

Thank You!
Jay Wagamon
Mango #60 Hobo Tiempo

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