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James Sterling

I had the same issue on my boat.  It confounded me and a marine electrician.  I spent an extraordinary amount of time trouble shooting it.  Eric is right that the most likely culprit is a faulty ground.  But, I also had a voltage drop to the stop solenoid.  Getting a good 12 volts to the solenoid did not solve the problem.  The solenoid is a $238.00 US part and they seldom go bad.  Diodes can, check the voltage to the solenoid on 'both' sides of the diode.  I must have had my solenoid out 12 times.  I was getting pretty good at it.  It has an extremely short throw.  I examined the contact area where it should seal with a bore scope (all good).  Take it out and apply 12v to it with a good ground and confirm it firmly activates.  Look closely at the o-ring and the conical spring it fits into.  After much troubleshooting all the way back from the key switch, I cleaned the solenoid threads with a stainless wire brush and replaced the o-ring (every millimeter down on such a short throw counts).  I made 'absolutely sure that when replacing the solenoid in the threads that the spring was NOT going to interfere with the solenoid throw. (I believe if not careful you can hang the lip of that spring and the solenoid will not seal even if properly activated.    That done, it started working again and I'm resolved to not touch it again.  I would replace the diode as it is an easy fix and assures through new connections that it's getting good voltage across it.  Diodes are easy, I think Eric and I previously posted the part number.  It's a crimped connection, not soldered.  Make sure the diode is pointed in the right direction for current flow.  Do not remove the diode from the circuit or you will have problems with your ground and generator ground isolation.

James Sterling
S/V Longbow SM2K #418

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